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Dr. Deanna's Healing Handbook, 3rd Edition PRE-ORDER

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The 3rd Edition of Dr. Deanna's Healing Handbook is now available for pre-order! Now through January 14, 2021, pre-order your copy at a discount! Retail price will be $19.95, but the pre-order price is reduced to $14.95 + tax and shipping & handling. No code necessary.

Why produce 3rd edition of my Dr. Deanna’s Healing Handbook?

The research in the past five years has been explosive, and we are excited to share the latest and best practices with you. Scientific strides forward have made the 3rd edition more comprehensive with new chapters on brain health and men’s health. Expanded is information on metabolic syndrome, avoiding chronic illness, and the solutions to avoid heart disease, diabetes, and neurological decline.

Since the 2nd edition was published in 2012, data has been issued daily shedding light on better ways to boost our immunity, access clean food and scrub the environment while the battle for health in a food-pyramid world is being lost through obesity, chronic and communicable disease.

I have covered in-depth the strong connection between the gut, brain and skin.

Recommendations from “the celebrity doctors,” who are publishing new information weekly, have been collated and summarized so you can apply these principles to your daily personal health regimen. Also added is a keyword index to make searching easier for the reader.

Of course, there are updates and new posts at I look forward to your feedback there and on the Facebook page.

My office continues to offer online personal consultations (740) 826-7626.

Thanks for allowing us to be part of your healthy living plan!

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