Functional Medicine

Be In Charge of Your Health

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A Note from Dr. Deanna: Why do you need to be in charge of your health? In today’s busy medical practices, doctors simply don’t have time to educate patients about health and/or diseases and their treatments. This blog and my Healing Handbook are intended to begin your health learning curve, so you can become an active participant, along with your doctor, in improving your health position. Health requires you to know your body better than anyone else. If you are certain something is just not right, then please, get “outside the traditional treatment box” and take time to read and research to get a better understanding, especially to learn what you can do. After years as...

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Test Results – Finding Out the Details

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I just reviewed my test results with Dr. Deanna and was very intrigued by the results. One of the deficiencies that Dr. Deanna found in my blood was related to a variety of Vitamin Bs. Some of the symptoms of this deficiency include fatigue and nerve pain, both of which I suffer from. However, the nerve pain was of particular interest for me. A few years after my cancer went into remission, I started having nerve pain in the area that my cancer was located. After a series of tests, my doctors really had no recommendations for combating the nerve pain. Thankfully the pain is intermittent, but I am excited to see if taking a daily B Vitamin Complex supplement will help...

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Micronutrient Testing – What Your Body is Trying to Tell You

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Nutrition is at the core of integrative health and SpectraCell’s Micronutrient Testing is one of the most advanced diagnostic tool available. As previously mentioned, micronutrient testing looks inside a white blood cell to see what the your nutritional status is and measures vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, carbohydrate metabolism, oxidative stress levels, and can even assess immune function. While the genetic test can help you understand what diseases or deficiencies you might be prone to and the resulting supplements or lifestyle changes that could help, micronutrient testing pinpoints what your body is lacking. The testing looks at your nutrition status over...

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Genetics Can Reveal Significant Health Information

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So, you are are really excited about the new testing offered by Dr. Deanna, but also wondering what you’ll actually learn from genetic and micronutrient testing. As mentioned previously, my name is Krista. I met Dr. Deanna a few years ago through working on her books as an editor and graphic designer. So you could say I have read her books cover to cover.  However, my interest extends far beyond a publishing relationship. At the age of 19 I was diagnosed with Melanoma, a type of skin cancer. This form of cancer is one of the most highly treatable forms of cancer, but also one of the most deadly. Thankfully, my cancer is in remission, but I want to do more than just...

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Introducing Micronutrient and Genetic Testing

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Have you ever found yourself in the nutrition section at the store, staring helplessly at the myriad of vitamin and supplement bottles? You want to help your body and you know it needs something, but after reading label upon label you leave dazed, confused and disappointed. I think at some point, all of us have been there and have been overwhelmed and hesitant because of the pain of pricey selections we don’t know what, if any result we’ll experience in our overall health and wellbeing. Dr. Deanna Holdren, a functional medicine family practice physician with an office in Columbus, Ohio is excited to open up her online practice with a new service to help guide you...

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How to Avoid GMO

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Seventy percent of foods sold in the supermarket contain genetically modified ingredients.  Over five million children in the United States are suffering from food allergies, a problem that correlates strongly to the development of GMO processed foods for infants and children.  In spite of the complete flooding of the food market with unlabeled genetically modified food, they are avoidable by eliminating the following food from your family’s diet: Soy (tofu and soy sauce are not GMO, avoid soy lecithin) Corn (all corn products, especially cereal, high fructose corn syrup and corn oil) Popcorn is not GMO Canola oil and cottonseed oil (margarine, cooking oil and processed...

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