Finding Balance

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It is very important for any woman considering the use of bioidentical hormones to maintain or achieve balance in her life to know or learn how her body works. Our bodies send many “signals” which can be recognized, if we pay attention, but most of us either don’t see the signals or don’t understand what our bodies are saying to us.  Since hormones fluctuate minute by minute in our system based upon stress, emotion, physical condition, etc., it is important that we learn to recognize those signals and respond appropriately. For example, there...

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The Presence of Pesticides – The Dangers of Roundup

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Most of the genetic modifications in our food make them resistant to pesticides.  The most common pesticide used in the U.S. is “RoundUp,” and its active ingredient glyphosate is being detected in high levels in human beings.  The German journal Ithaca reported that city dwellers had urine concentrations of glyphosate that were 5 to 20 times the limit for drinking water.  There are few independent studies on glyphosate, because Monsanto will not allow independent research on their patented products.  However, a few studies have reported birth...

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“Crunchy” Woman and Birth Control

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One of the hottest, latest trends in women of all ages is to be ‘crunchy’. This term, though a bit unsettling sounding, refers to those who choose a natural lifestyle; crunchy refers to granola which for decades was the hallmark of a natural lifestyle.  Of course included in the crunchy lifestyle are organic vegetables and fruits, grass-fed, free-range meats (chemical free by all means), raw dairy products (no pasteurization here!), GMO free grains and a strict adherence to homeopathic cures over pharmaceutical. Unless it’s...

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Fats: Good and Bad

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Fats are misunderstood and while “fat-free” diets were a fad a decade or so ago, we now better understand how important good fats are to our health and to our sense of wellbeing.  Not all fats are created equal and there is a difference between the two – good and bad.  Bad fats are the “trans fats” and saturated fats. Mayo Clinic says trans-fat is made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil through a process called hydrogenation.  Once we used butter fat, tallow, lard and bacon fat, but with refrigeration and other “advancements” we now use...

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The Antioxidant Miracle

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As early as 1992 TIME magazine reported about life at the cellular level and in particular how the chronic disease process works.  The “remedy” to fast paced aging is antioxidants – which are vitamins. Dr. Packer in his book, The Antioxidant Miracle, says, “A steady regimen of anti-oxidants both on the body and inside the body coupled with lifestyle changes that include an antioxidant rich diet and moderate exercise, is an excellent way to do our part to prevent and protect ourselves from accelerated aging,” which again all begins at the...

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Celebrate with 10% Off!

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  Remember to eat clean this Independence Day!  Enjoy the celebration and time with family.

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Brain Function and Gluten

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Between 10% and 22% of people with celiac symptoms also have nervous system involvement. Cerebellar ataxia is a progressive problem with coordination that affects balance, and eventually basic self-care activities.  The average age of onset is 50.  Only limited recovery is possible, because brain tissue regenerates poorly, even when gluten is eliminated.  Wheat intolerance can also affect the peripheral nervous system, which is often accompanied by diabetes.  It presents as lack of sensation in the limbs, diminished control over blood...

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Obesity and Inflammation

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Obesity in teenagers has more than quadrupled since 1971. A study funded by the National Institutes of Health has identified 26 species of bacteria in the human gut microbiota that appear to be linked to obesity, inflammation, and related metabolic complications such as insulin resistance, high blood sugar levels, hypertension and high cholesterol. The researchers’ sample included 310 members of the Amish community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, because their diet and lifestyles are very similar to one another. It is very easy to increase the...

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Endocrine Disruptors & Pollution

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There are thousands of studies that show the adverse hormonal effects of petrochemical pollutants which originate outside the body, but which find their way inside the body through drinking water, the air we breathe, and the lotions, creams and make-up we put on our skin. These pollutants disrupt the delicate endocrine system, which manages the glands that make brain hormones, reproductive hormones, adrenal hormones, as well as insulin and thyroid hormones. For simplified discussion here, these endocrine disrupters or EDs have an...

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Synthetic hormones, are they worth the risk?

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In August, 2005, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer issued a little publicized statement reclassifying chemical birth control as a Group 1 carcinogenic, the highest classification of carcinogenicity given by the research group. The researchers included 21 scientists from 8 countries, and they concluded that oral contraceptives increase the risk of breast, cervix, and liver cancer. The study was reported in the British Medical Journal, The Lancet, which stated that more than 100 million women—about 10%...

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