Deanna OsbornDr. Deanna Holdren graduated from Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, is a board certified family practice physician and has completed the coursework leading to a Functional Medicine Fellowship. When as a young mother and physician she was struggling with serious medical issues, her field held no answers for restoring her health.  Faced with her own health dilemma, Dr. Deanna discovered the importance of hormone balance, nutritional healing, and how simple lifestyle changes could restore her health. Dr. Deanna has proven that if you give the body what it needs or is lacking, it will heal itself. Today she practices part time in the area of Functional Medicine, specializing in bioidentical hormone balance, whole body detoxification, and the reversal of inflammation within the body.


Linda_FieldDr. Linda Jeffrey has discovered the secret of reversing debilitating chronic illness and accelerated aging using the principles in this Handbook. After a six-month experience during which she and her family collectively lost over 200 pounds, she began telling others about her restored health, weight loss, freedom from arthritis and other health issues. As a widow and grief counselor, she has written about the effects of grief on health and eating habits, and how restoring physical health is central to healing beyond grief. Dr. Jeffrey received her Doctor of Education from the University of Louisville in Curriculum and Instruction, and has earned a Master of Science degree and a Physician Assistant degree.