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Synthetic hormones, are they worth the risk?

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In August, 2005, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer issued a little publicized statement reclassifying chemical birth control as a Group 1 carcinogenic, the highest classification of carcinogenicity given by the research group. The researchers included 21 scientists from 8 countries, and they concluded that oral contraceptives increase the risk of breast, cervix, and liver cancer. The study was reported in the British Medical Journal, The Lancet, which stated that more than 100 million women—about 10% of all women of reproductive age worldwide—use combined oral contraceptives, and use is rising. Dr. Schwarzbein explains an...

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The Difference Between Bioidentical Hormones and Synthetic Hormones

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The difference between the way synthetic hormones and bioidentical hormones work in the body is like the difference between night and day!  A synthetic hormone is a man-made version, or copycat of what the body makes, but not exactly. While the synthetic version may have some of the same effects as the “real deal”, it comes with many adverse side effects. The biochemical and molecular composition of a bioidentical hormone is identical to that which our bodies make, so the phrase bioidentical USP Progesterone, refers to progesterone hormone exactly like our body makes on its own.  A great deal of the confusion in this matter exists because of the confusion in the medical...

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Hormones – Life’s Symphony

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It is very important for any woman considering the use of bioidentical hormones to maintain or achieve balance in her life to know or learn how her body works. Our bodies send many “signals” which can be recognized, if we pay attention, but most of us either don’t see the signals or don’t understand what our bodies are saying to us.  Since hormones fluctuate minute by minute in our system based upon stress, emotion, physical condition, etc., it is important that we learn to recognize those signals and respond appropriately. For example, there are times when a woman’s body may only need to be supplemented with 20mg of USP Progesterone and there are stressful times when...

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Progesterone & Breast Cancer

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One of our followers on Facebook asked the question: There are several people I have talked to about Prolief and their response is they can’t use it because they have had breast cancer and their Dr. told them not to take any hormones or they have had their thyroid removed. What would be the appropriate response? Dr. Deanna recommends Dr. John Lee’s books in this case. Once people read and learn, they can decide for themselves which direction they want to go. If you would like more information on Dr. Lee’s books, visit http://www.johnleemd.com/.

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Progesterone, ovulation & fertility

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A reader writes: My nurse-midwife recently told me that the progesterone cream could be causing me not to ovulate. Have you heard of this before? She suggested I stop using it for a few months and then see if we get pregnant. We haven’t officially started trying every month, but we haven’t used any preventative measures, so I was surprised we hadn’t gotten pregnant yet. What are your thoughts? If used every single day without any breaks, the progesterone cream could cause a “rest state” for ovaries. That’s why we have women who don’t have regular periods or who have PCOS use progesterone for 90 days straight. It’s when we...

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Progesterone & Antidepressants

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One of our fans on Facebook posed the question: “Can someone taking cymbalta for depression begin using progesterone at the same time?” Well, the simple answer is that progesterone can be taken with antidepressants without a problem. But take a hard look at the antidepressant. Is it necessary? Is your mineral support sufficient? Does you have mercury fillings in your teeth? Have you checked your thyroid and other hormones? If you have heavy metals, chelate and/or detox to remove heavy metals, change your diet and avoid diet sodas completely, perfect your exercise routine, and see an integrative/complementary medicine physician who deals with and understands...

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