Be In Charge of Your Health

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A Note from Dr. Deanna:

Why do you need to be in charge of your health? In today’s busy medical practices, doctors simply don’t have time to educate patients about health and/or diseases and their treatments. This blog and my Healing Handbook are intended to begin your health learning curve, so you can become an active participant, along with your doctor, in improving your health position. Health requires you to know your body better than anyone else. If you are certain something is just not right, then please, get “outside the traditional treatment box” and take time to read and research to get a better understanding, especially to learn what you can do.

After years as a family practitioner and seeing thousands of patients, I know good health requires work. It takes a clear decision by each of us to take charge of our own health position. I am delighted to offer these two new options to you and help you start on a journey to optimal health.

Our goal is optimal body function — supporting the body so that it functions at its highest level possible cognitively, physically, and emotionally. We believe that micronutrient testing, combined with genetic testing are the most powerful sources of information when it comes to allowing clients to achieve total body optimization. Correcting existing nutrient deficiencies improves one’s health position, and understanding one’s individual areas of genetic fragility helps prevent future disease.

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