Test Results – Finding Out the Details

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I just reviewed my test results with Dr. Deanna and was very intrigued by the results. One of the deficiencies that Dr. Deanna found in my blood was related to a variety of Vitamin Bs. Some of the symptoms of this deficiency include fatigue and nerve pain, both of which I suffer from. However, the nerve pain was of particular interest for me. A few years after my cancer went into remission, I started having nerve pain in the area that my cancer was located. After a series of tests, my doctors really had no recommendations for combating the nerve pain. Thankfully the pain is intermittent, but I am excited to see if taking a daily B Vitamin Complex supplement will help keep the pain at bay.

When it comes to your test results, there are two options. The first is a written explanation provided by Dr. Deanna. She delves into the results looking for deficiencies and then describes typical symptoms that you could be experiencing due to those deficiencies and the supplements you can take or dietary changes you should make to resolve those deficiencies. The second option, for an additional fee, is a conference call or video chat to speak with Dr. Deanna one on one about her findings. Watch the video below for a demonstration of the video chat option and short message from Dr. Deanna!


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