Men, Progesterone & Testosterone

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Like women, men make all three sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.  Testosterone is the primary androgen that men need for optimal health, and progesterone is the precursor hormone men need to maintain healthy levels of testosterone.  Men experience a natural decline in testosterone beginning as early as their mid-thirties, which can lead to an excess of estrogen.  About half of men will begin experiencing symptoms of testosterone deficiency in their 50’s.  Symptoms of testosterone deficiency include decreased libido, mood disturbances, depression, fatigue, loss of muscle size and strength, osteoporosis, increased body fat, frequent urination and prostate enlargement, memory loss and sleep difficulty.

Dr. Eugene Shippen author of the The Testosterone Syndrome says:

“If I told you that one key substance in the body is more powerful than any other health factor, is more closely linked to risk of illness if and when deficiency occurs, is more misunderstood, more improperly used, and more tragically underused than any other, what would it be? Testosterone! I have studied it, prescribed it, and watched the responses of my patients-hundreds of them.  I challenge anyone to find a more diversely positive factor in men’s health.  When normally abundant, it is at the core of energy, stamina, and sexuality.  When deficient, it is at the core of disease and early demise.”  

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