Evaluating a Progesterone Product

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There are a few things that are important to look for in finding a progesterone product.  It is important to find progesterone that is bioidentical and USP Progesterone, which means it meets high United States Pharmacopeia standards.  Bioidentical simply means that one molecule of progesterone from the product would look exactly like a molecule of progesterone made in a woman’s body.  USP guarantees that you are actually getting progesterone and not just a soy cream or a wild yam cream.  The product should be in an airtight container, so that it is not being continually oxidized by exposure to the air.  Avoid using progesterone that comes in a jar, because scooping out the product by hand can contaminate it.  You should also look at the base ingredients with which the progesterone was mixed, to make sure that there is no mineral oil.  Mineral oil can interfere with the body’s ability to appropriately absorb progesterone. It’s also a petrochemical and I do not recommend using skin care products that contain it.  USP Progesterone is readily available within the marketplace and can easily be obtained through a local health food store, compounding pharmacy, or health and wellness company.

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