Finding Balance

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It is very important for any woman considering the use of bioidentical hormones to maintain or achieve balance in her life to know or learn how her body works. Our bodies send many “signals” which can be recognized, if we pay attention, but most of us either don’t see the signals or don’t understand what our bodies are saying to us.  Since hormones fluctuate minute by minute in our system based upon stress, emotion, physical condition, etc., it is important that we learn to recognize those signals and respond appropriately. For example, there are times when a woman’s body may only need to be supplemented with 20mg of USP Progesterone and there are stressful times when she will need 40mg of USP Progesterone per day. The woman who is tuned in and listening to her body can recognize the signals more effectively and better manage hormonal imbalances. The doctor’s advice is that you need to know your body better than anyone else.

Hormones get out of balance through a variety of factors including dietary consumption of estrogens, lifestyle, medications, and even environment. Diet plays a big role.  A diet high in carbohydrates or simple sugars will make hormonal imbalance worse. When you are consuming a diet high in carbohydrates your body’s response is to have high circulating insulin levels. High insulin levels can be deleterious because insulin is a growth hormone and it is the only hormone in the body that causes us to store fat in fat cells. Estrogen can be made in fat cells.  A high carbohydrate diet will make you pack on weight around the waist, in particular, further contributing to hormone imbalance.

Life style is another big factor. Most of us are constantly on the go, trying feverishly to meet deadlines, pick up kids, run errands, and literally hold it all together! A person under a lot of stress will generally produce a lot of cortisol hormone made by the adrenal glands. One of the building blocks of cortisol is progesterone. If you allow yourself to remain in a constant state of stress requiring high levels of cortisol, it can force your body to use up progesterone stores to make cortisol.  Important to note is that the body’s hormones are all interrelated and best work in a symphony all balanced together.

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