“Crunchy” Woman and Birth Control

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One of the hottest, latest trends in women of all ages is to be ‘crunchy’. This term, though a bit unsettling sounding, refers to those who choose a natural lifestyle; crunchy refers to granola which for decades was the hallmark of a natural lifestyle.  Of course included in the crunchy lifestyle are organic vegetables and fruits, grass-fed, free-range meats (chemical free by all means), raw dairy products (no pasteurization here!), GMO free grains and a strict adherence to homeopathic cures over pharmaceutical.

Unless it’s birth control. Then, many of these women opt for The Pill or injection.

A recent blog post titled, “The Paradox of Crunchy Women and Chemical Birth Control“, explored this phenomenon as well as shared eye-opening research into the damaging effects chemical birth control wields, not only on the women ingesting it, but the men in their lives as well. The article goes on to propose that women, especially those in committed relationships, opt for Natural Family Planning (not your grandmother’s Rhythm Method) as an alternative to chemical birth control.

Chemical birth control methods are risky, detrimental to one’s health and not 100% accurate. Also, they do not prevent the spread of diseases.  It’s time to take a look at health and what is best for women and their bodies.

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