The Antioxidant Miracle

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As early as 1992 TIME magazine reported about life at the cellular level and in particular how the chronic disease process works.  The “remedy” to fast paced aging is antioxidants – which are vitamins. Dr. Packer in his book, The Antioxidant Miracle, says, “A steady regimen of anti-oxidants both on the body and inside the body coupled with lifestyle changes that include an antioxidant rich diet and moderate exercise, is an excellent way to do our part to prevent and protect ourselves from accelerated aging,” which again all begins at the cellular level.

Dr. Packer identifies the superhero antioxidants as Vitamin A, C, E, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and CoQ10.  If you give the body enough Alpha Lipoic Acid, the body will make the glutathione it needs.  Glutathione is important to detoxify our bodies at the cellular level. These antioxidant vitamins must all be present and work in concert to get the optimal anti-inflammatory and thus anti-aging effect.

To know your level of inflammation, there are blood tests to use as indicators, C-Reactive Protein, for example. Decelerating inflammation is possible, and diet is the key factor.  Dr. Perricone advises to avoid problem foods that cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, which releases insulin into the blood stream.  The biggest problem is sugar and foods that quickly convert to sugar in the body like simple carbohydrates (also processed foods made from grains and vegetables, juices, milk, and other foods many of us once considered good nutrition).

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