Why is Gut Health Vital?

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Most mid-life Westerners can only imagine feeling great and having plenty of energy throughout the day, having a clear mind, able to remember details, analyze information, having a noticeably keen sense of logic, being pain free and limber, no matter what your age, free of allergies and seldom, if ever, plagued by colds and flu, having clear and radiant skin, while also possessing a strong sense of wellbeing and not subject to roller coaster emotions that distract and decrease productivity. Could the forgoing description be the result of the condition of the ten trillion bacteria in your gut? The scientific research of the past two years answers that question with an emphatic “yes!”

Who knew the gut is so vital to the optimal function of all body systems? Who knew the gut was in large part the body’s immune system, or that the gut does indeed play a significant role in autoimmune disease as well as depression and anxiety?

Today there are more and more people ready to look again at “the microcosmos” for its role in our overall health and wellbeing. Some who ferment foods, a great source of microbes for gut health, contend that human beings are really ambulatory devices for microbes, yet we have declared war on 99 percent of beneficial gut-protective bacteria with overuse of antibiotics, hand sanitizers, routine sterilization of food, etc. Michael Pollan, author of Cooked, reports that “for the first time in history, it has become important to consciously replenish our microflora” to protect our health.

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