Detoxing: Here Are the Steps

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As you gently purge the body’s waste management systems of toxins and impurities, make sure to get adequate fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Vitamin B5 and C, copper, zinc, magnesium, and manganese, these according to Dr. Perricone, are the principle nutrients needed to repair any type of tissue damage, from serious wounds to unwanted wrinkles.  For seasonal detoxifying it could be helpful to spend a few days including a colon cleanse supplement along with the daily detox tea and adequate fiber. 

Daily fiber in your diet improves bowel motion and re-establishes normal bowel function and strengthens adrenal function.  As the body’s responses become more efficient, your liver often begins to detoxify more rapidly.  This means that more toxic constituents are contained in the bile that is secreted by your liver and emptied into your intestinal tract for elimination.

Fiber prevents bile from becoming toxic in your large intestine by binding with it and moving it along the digestive tract.  In this way, fiber helps eliminate fat-soluble toxins from your body.  Without sufficient fiber present, these poisons may be released from the bile and reabsorbed through your intestines.

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To start your detox, pick a week you are home and not traveling.  Limit your diet to fish, veggies, and plenty of water.  As you detox it is important to get enough fiber to eliminate toxins. These suggestions help your liver maximize its detoxing function, and you can also help your skin, so both detoxing organs are working together.  It’s a good idea to use a dry brush every day (and particularly while detoxing) before showering or bathing.  Using circular motions, come up the legs, arms and back moving the brush toward the heart.  This brushing moves the lymph system.  When detoxing, dry brushing exfoliates and aids in eliminating toxins through the skin.  The skin is the largest detoxing organ of the body and it works best when exfoliated.  While detoxing, consider calling a massage therapist for a massage.   

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