Signs You Need to Detox

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The body’s largest external detoxifying organ is the skin, and the internal detoxifying organ is the liver. The liver filters out toxins and chemically converts them so they may be eliminated safely, but if your liver takes in more toxins than it can eliminate, it malfunctions causing a variety of symptoms.

External signs of a sluggish liver are: coated tongue; bad breath; a flushed facial appearance; excessive facial blood vessels; acne; psoriasis; eczema; oily skin; rosacea; yellow conjunctiva (eyes); red swollen itchy eyes; dark circles under the eyes; brownish spots and blemishes (liver spots); rashes and itchy skin; inability to lose weight.   Digestive issues are also a sign of an overburdened liver: Gall stones and gall bladder disease; intolerance to fatty foods; intolerance to alcohol; indigestion; reflux; nausea; abdominal bloating; constipation; irritable bowel syndrome; and hemorrhoids.

Neurological and emotional signs of toxicity can include: Depression; mood changes; anger and irritability; poor concentration and “foggy brain;” and recurrent headaches with nausea.

Immune dysfunction is also a sign of toxicity: Allergies; sinus; hay fever; asthma; dermatitis; hives; fibromyalgia; chronic fatigue; chemical and food sensitivities; auto-immune diseases; and recurrent infections.

If you are toxic and your liver is sluggish, it is important to be on a good balanced eating plan, water drinking regimen, exercise, rest, etc., along with nutritional supplemental support.  A good plan to accomplish a complete internal and external cleanse is to drink water; eat a healthy-clean diet; drink a detox tea 2-3 times a day to support the liver and kidneys; daily dry brushing; and take a soaking bath each night during the cleanse period.

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  1. I have 90% of these symptoms.

  2. I have 90% of these symptoms. I keep getting told it is menopause and old age.

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