Support Elimination Organs: Liver, Kidney, and Intestinal

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As you repair fitness and health through good diet and nutrition, it would be incomplete if it did not support the body’s five elimination pathways: the liver, kidneys, intestines and your largest detoxifying organ, your skin.  It is nearly impossible to avoid the toxins we come in contact with on a daily basis.  If toxins enter your body faster than they are removed, you will experience signs of toxicity.  If, on the other hand, you give your body the support it needs to eliminate these toxins, it will perform optimally.

We wouldn’t think about going a day without brushing our teeth, let alone years and years.  Because we can’t see our liver, kidneys, and intestines we forget the important role they play in detoxification.  The liver has over 500 functions and the kidneys filter 200 quarts of blood per day.  You can hold 5-25 pounds of waste in your large intestine (colon).  All elimination organs need a “tune up” and proper maintenance.

A good detox tea assists the daily cleansing of the liver and kidneys by helping the body to filter and clear toxins.  This in turn regulates cholesterol, balances blood sugar and promotes weight loss. Many are unaware that liver dysfunction is more closely related to obesity than any other single factor.   An overburdened liver is one of the reasons people plateau during weight loss.

Also helpful is a detox regimen to help cleanse and detoxify the system and support the liver, kidneys, and gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This assists with the gentle elimination of heavy metals and other environmental toxins.

Soaking 30 minutes in a bath of sea salts or mineral salts and essential oils literally draws toxins and heavy metals through the pores of the skin.  Aches and pains will melt away and you’ll find yourself sleeping better at night.

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  1. i have diabetis for years.i don’t drink maintenance medicine;;intead,idrink vitamins,lessen sugar intake and and tried eating veggies and fruits.

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