Choose Lean Protein

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Meat: When selecting meat, choose organic cage-free, hormone-free and free-range meats. Only buy organic grass-fed beef and organic chicken. As for fish, purchase wild (never farmed) or fresh. 

Eggs: Free Range eggs come from hens that are allowed to grow and peck the ground.  They are fed grain, seeds, and greens that contain a higher level of essential fatty acids than non-free range hens. Free range hens do not eat feed that has been treated with antibiotics and other chemicals.

Why Protein?: Protein is essential for growth and repair and makes up about 15% of the mass of the average person. Much of the human body is constructed from protein molecules, which play a crucial role in virtually all of the body’s biological processes.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.  Some of these amino acids are produced naturally by the body; however nine amino acids are essential, meaning that the body does not make them and has to consume these amino acids from animal- or plant-food sources.

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