The Difference Between Bioidentical Hormones and Synthetic Hormones

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The difference between the way synthetic hormones and bioidentical hormones work in the body is like the difference between night and day!  A synthetic hormone is a man-made version, or copycat of what the body makes, but not exactly. While the synthetic version may have some of the same effects as the “real deal”, it comes with many adverse side effects.

The biochemical and molecular composition of a bioidentical hormone is identical to that which our bodies make, so the phrase bioidentical USP Progesterone, refers to progesterone hormone exactly like our body makes on its own.  A great deal of the confusion in this matter exists because of the confusion in the medical field. My experience in medical school was the difference between bioidentical and non-bioidentical was simply not taught. Progesterone is viewed as the same thing as progestin (the term for the pharmaceutical version).  It is wrong to view them as the same because the chemical composition is so different!  Progesterone actually is breast protective as well as supporting and maintaining pregnancy.  However, synthetic progestins are indicated in breast cancer and absolutely contraindicated during pregnancy and may cause serious birth defects.  Quite a difference!

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  1. Thank you for this easy-to-understand and extremely important explanation of the differences between synthetic and bio identical hormone supplementation.

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