Progesterone & Antidepressants

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One of our fans on Facebook posed the question:

“Can someone taking cymbalta for depression begin using progesterone at the same time?”

Well, the simple answer is that progesterone can be taken with antidepressants without a problem. But take a hard look at the antidepressant. Is it necessary? Is your mineral support sufficient? Does you have mercury fillings in your teeth? Have you checked your thyroid and other hormones? If you have heavy metals, chelate and/or detox to remove heavy metals, change your diet and avoid diet sodas completely, perfect your exercise routine, and see an integrative/complementary medicine physician who deals with and understands depression beyond medicating as a bandaid without dealing exhaustively with the cause. There is a thought that those who aren’t really “depressed” start taking antidepressants and may find they are now chronically depressed because of the meds. This is from an article in Psychology Today (the link is below):

“Although this concern first surfaced in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when a handful of psychiatrists expressed concern that antidepressants were causing a ‘chronification’ of the disorder, it was in 1994 that Italian psychiatrist Giovanni Fava, editor of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, urged the field to directly confront this possibility. He wrote: ‘Within the field of psychopharmacology, practitioners have been cautious, if not fearful, of opening a debate on whether the treatment is more damaging [than helpful]… I wonder if the time has come for debating and initiating research into the likelihood that psychotropic drugs actually worsen, at least in some cases, the progression of the illness which they are supposed to treat.'”

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